How to learn Chinese through Disney movies

My favourite movie of all time is Zoolander. But unfortunately, there is no Chinese dubbed version of that movie. My second most favourite movie would be The Lion King. When I was little, I was such a big fan of The Lion King that almost everything I owned was plastered with pictures of Simba and all the others. My school bag, my pencil case, all my school books, most of the wall space in my bedroom – I was Lion King obsessed. I saw that movie so many times, I could pretty much just put it on mute and do all the lines myself!

Today, I am going to teach you how to download your favourite Disney movie, subbed in Mandarin, legally*, free and fast.

First, you gottsa decide what your favourite Disney movie is. As I already said, mine is Lion King, so that is what I am going to use to show you how to do this.

Next, go to Baidu and search for “The Lion King”. Within the first page of results there should be at least a few clear examples of the Chinese translated name for the movie, which in this case is 狮子王. If you can’t tell what the Chinese name is, use Mtime, which is like a Chinese version of

Once we have the chinese name for our favourite movie, we go to Youku and search for it, making sure to add “国语” after the name when searching. 国语 is just another way of saying Chinese, and is used in this case to make sure we are getting only the Chinese dubbed versions and not the original English ones. So in the search box I would put “狮子王 国语”. You should get a fair few results, and from the screenshots you can tell whether they have subtitles or not. I don’t want subtitles, because otherwise I will just read them (even if they are in Chinese) so I am going to go with this one.

Now, we could just watch it on the website, but it loads very slowly if you are not in China and then we would have to keep on going back to watch it. Better idea: let’s download it!

* Not exactly sure on this – but it has got to be the least illegal method


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  1. Cindy on

    Thanks for the useful tips.

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